Project Name FOBLGATE crypto currency exchange
Role Listing Agency

FOBLGATE is a Korean virtual asset exchange that opened on July 8, 2019. FOBLGATE is linked to more than 20 commercial bank accounts and is a 24-hour currency exchange facility.
FOBLGATE has a 24-hour customer center, so customer convenience is their top priority.
Since its inception, Binance Token (BNB), OKX Token (OKB), Huobi Token (HT), etc. have been listed one after another and have risen to the 7th place in the trading price after 3 months of opening.
The main services are the virtual asset exchange's first profit sharing system and the A-IEO service, which has improved IEO fundraising.

We have signed a contract with the exchange as a listing agency, so will provide active support for the introduction of the project for listing on FOBLGATE.