Project Name BXB crypto currency platform
Role Marketing in South Korea

BXB Exchange is an Estonian-based financial and blockchain technology company.
BXB is formed by both Wall Street’s top quantitative hedge fund team and traditional financial trading technical team.

Their deep understanding and strong fundamentals in the financial exchange markets, has allowed them to streamline the contract design of various powerful financial products which have traditionally only been available to professional traders.
BXB have made these products not only simple and easy to understand but also accessible to individuals.

BXB’s vision is to enable all small and micro investors to participate in digital asset transactions and make the experience fairer and more convenient, while also sharing the dividends generated by the growth of the platform.

We were in charge of Marketing - media release, blog marketing, offline meetup, Korean official community build up and managing.
We also supported the connection of Korean projects & influencers to BXB exchange.