Project Name EG crypto currency platform
Role Online Marketing

The EG ecosystem aimed at the staking structure in the past, but studied the problems of exchanges and cryptocurrency projects that had fallen, and issued EG coins based on the new staking structure.

EG Coin is characterized by a structure in which a part of the total investment amount of the EG platform (exchange) game is paid as a staking reward resource, rather than a fee resource commonly found in exchanges and cryptocurrencies with the existing staking structure.

In addition, staking rewards can be provided to ETH as a means for staking participants to check the real value of the EG ecosystem.

The EG platform (exchange) is expected to serve as a bridgehead for the game and cryptocurrency markets because developers or investors who provide game licenses can register their game contents and provide a secure transaction medium.

We are in charge of whole online marketing in South Korea, such as planning airdrop events and community managing and so on.